Decending_Little Breaths

Little Breath 1

Little Breath 1


Decending_video of installation

Decending 2008_Images

Final project_SHOWCASE

Show Build_MADA 08

Took some ramdom pictures of the show build to show the progress we will

have made…

MADA Brochure_Design

I worked with Adriano and Katrina on creating the MADA Catalogue,

we wanted a simple design. I used my design skills and created the FLUID LOGO and

MADA 08 Logo. This was an opportunity to team project . I corrospodenent to my fellow

peers on collating infomation that was to be included. (I included an example email of the corrospndence.

Ideas_construction of Installation

Some ruff ideas ive had on displaying my work…ive took a ruff picture of where it will be situtaed in

the basement….